Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Program

Organized Maintenance Service’s quality control program ensures that we always meet or exceed all commitments to your company. It establishes defined standards of performance by which our services can be measured, managed and continually improved. For each area of your building, we develop detailed specifications for task frequency, methodology, security, safety and environmental procedures. We also determine the proper equipment and ideal chemicals for each task. Key elements of the program include:

Quality people

A unique corporate culture enhances our collective expertise. It promotes team-member longevity and reinforces our commitment to excellence. We have dedicated teams for general cleaning, floor restoration and other special projects, all working in sync to ensure cohesive delivery of various services. Customers can expect professional janitorial service results based on the following:

  • Safety and security are important to us; prospective employees undergo criminal background checks and verification of previous employment references
  • Selective hiring combined with competitive employee compensation, performance-based recognition and opportunities for advancement yield a motivated and committed team
  • Full-time team leaders are experienced experts who cultivate our culture and manage all programs to ensure desired outcomes

Defined standards

We work closely with our clients to establish baseline cleanliness standards for each unique area of their facility. OurOMS Total Care Documentation incorporates these standards into a highly structured plan for achieving defined outcomes. Through multiple levels of supervision, we continually measure and document our success against agreed-upon standards to ensure our target objectives are met. Key aspects of this approach include:

  • Team leaders demonstrate proper techniques and baseline standards firsthand in the field to employees
  • Systematic job descriptions for each janitorial cleaning team member promote quality and efficiency
  • Detailed task descriptions specify the exact chemicals, methods and equipment necessary to properly accomplish each assignment

Effective supervision and quality control

Comprehensive inspections coupled with immediate corrective action produce desired results. Our team leaders continually evaluate outcomes in terms of defined standards to improve performance. Highlights of our supervision plan include the following:

  • Detailed inspections are conducted daily by onsite supervisors thoroughly trained to identify and uphold clearly defined quality standards
  • Offsite team leaders regularly inspect, measure, document and support onsite janitorial service staff to further enhance quality
  • Powerful management tools such as an internet-based, real-time employee management system ensure accountability at all levels
  • Trend analysis is used to identify areas for improvement and develop corrective action when needed

Training and education

Mandatory comprehensive training is the most important aspect of the OMS health-focused cleaning approach. All janitorial service team members undergo extensive hands-on training and education in a professional environment. The training curriculum covers the following best practices:

  • Disinfectant cleaning, avoiding cross-contamination
  • Proper use of chemicals and equipment
  • Cleaning techniques and methodology
  • Safety and security protocols
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • National Safety Council Bloodborne Pathogen Program
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards


OMS is committed to providing a safe working environment. We follow Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration operating practices to fully safeguard all commercial cleaning team members, customers and the public. Clear protocols are communicated to all team members to reduce the possibility of incident occurrence. Specific elements and concerns of our safety program include:

  • Understanding material data safety sheets for all the cleaning chemicals that we keep on site
  • Proper chemical usage and storage
  • Wet floors due to cleaning present a constant safety concern. We make this task as safe as possible for everyone with adequate placement of barricades and “caution wet-floor” signs during the cleaning and drying process
  • We use premium slip-resistant finishes on hard-surface floors to enhance safety


Our communication program ensures that every janitorial cleaning team member can effectively and easily consult with management and facility contacts. We employ tools such as an internet-based, real-time team member management system to facilitate communication, quality control and time management.

Planning your cleaning program

Success is a partnership. We not only listen to customer feedback, we rely on it to develop our commercial cleaning service programs. Planning your job begins with making sure we understand what you value most, and defining your baseline standards. Once we are completely familiar with the outcomes you expect, we do the following:

  • Perform a complete workflow analysis of your building to determine the required methods, materials and staffing necessary to meet defined goals
  • Consult our extensive database of facilities and inventory of ongoing programs to help develop your specialized plan
  • Rely on our season estimator, who draws on 20 years of experience designing and managing commercial cleaning programs, to develop an effective program to meet the required outcomes for your unique facility

Methods and chemicals: Our health-focused approach

Our health-focused approach employs a wide balance of medical-grade disinfectants alongside more environmentally friendly cleaners. Each has very different best uses: The most potent is appropriate for areas with the greatest risk of contagions, while gentler “green” products are a better option elsewhere. By treating all tasks according to risk and preventing cross-contamination between them, we provide a healthier workplace and environment. This holistic process includes the following practices:

  • We use hospital-grade disinfectants for the most bacteria-prone “touch points” such as door handles, telephones, entrance glass, handrails, shared furniture and all restroom surfaces except mirrors. All such products are registered with the EPA for their additional effectiveness in reducing the spread of germs
  • For other routine cleaning tasks such as desktops, kitchen surfaces, floors, walls and personal office items, we use a variety of Green-Seal™ certified chemicals. Green-Seal is an independent, non-profit organization promoting the manufacture, purchase and use of environmentally responsible products and services
  • Proper cleaning methods combined with disposable paper towel rather than cloth wiping rags minimize cross-contamination among all areas of the workplace
  • Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Clean Water System flat-mopping microfiber technology provides superior disinfecting and reduces cross-contamination on the most critical floor areas. Everywhere else we use washable, anti-microbial string mop-heads
  • Vacuuming with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and near-HEPA filtration enhances indoor air quality by removing allergens that are of special concern to occupants with allergies, respiratory ailments and other environmental sensitivities
  • Our cleaning techniques minimize exposure to fumes and volatile organic compounds that affect indoor air quality. Except for restrooms, we typically do not spray any surface directly with cleaners. Instead, we pre-moisten wiping materials to reduce the amount of airborne spray
  • Unless otherwise provided by clients, we offer for purchase trash bags, paper towels and other consumable items made out of recycled materials